The Pennise Family Band sits as a musical anomaly in a sea of traditional bands. To be certain, if you don’t think it’s rare to have a true family band – we’re talking about husband, wife, son, and daughter, do the quick math on your hand to add up those acts. That’s right, you probably can’t count more than three!!! Well, let’s see what it’s truly like to be in a family band. And I’m sorry in advance that I don’t have the transcript correspondence of this conversation, as I wasn’t able to record it. So, we’ll do some paraphrasing based on my notes.

First off, Tom is a really great guy, so glad he’s back at the Underground! I know this is a show many are going to be looking forward to. So, what is it like to play in a band with the same twits you have to motivate to knock out homework and take care of the dishes? Well, according to Tom, incredible!! It’s a true moment to sharing your love of music with the whole family. Let’s roll back to the beginning.

Tom and, his wife, Elaine, met when a bandmate of Tom’s thought their band needed a female lead. He recalls scoffing at this, but in actuality, it was the greatest decision to affect his life. Elaine, a very talented singer, and brother of his bandmate, blew his socks off! Soon after, Tom and Elaine began building a life together. One of the nicest things about having a musician wife, says Tom, are the simple things – such as spending long hours at the music store guitar shopping. Most wives might find this to be excessive and a waste of both time and money. Not the case when you and your wife share the same hobby! Christmas gifts become laughably easy!

Their talented children, Tommy and Jennifer started playing at an early age. Tommy, a musical wizard, plays sax in addition to guitar. At age 9, Tommy became the coolest kid in school when he played Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Crazy Train’ at a Talent Show. The family band formed shortly thereafter. The family pulled together to play a show at the subsequent school Talent Show.  “The kids rushed the stage,” Tom recalls, “We never had anyone ever rush the stage! It was too cool!”

Jennifer, even more impressively, is one of the guiding forces in the Family Band. A multi-talented musician playing everything from piano to ukulele, started out at age 9, as well! She writes all of the originals for the Family Band! The family has obviously grown with the children’s lives taking shape as they enter their college years, and the parents enjoying these moments of touring. We hope you can join us and Tom, Elaine, Tommy, and Jennifer on Saturday! Doors open at 7, Show starts at 8Tickets can be found on Ticketleap or at the door! Stop by for a quick bite at the Pub at Round Guys Brewing Company beforehand or for a tasty caffeinated beverage at the Backyard Beans Café upstairs from the Underground!