Buddy Harris is a stand up comedian. He’s Funny. Really Funny. And he somehow thinks you have talent.

We’ll gong their ass off if we need to!” Buddy Harris informed me. You remember Buddy Harris? You don’t? Well, let me refresh your memory. Buddy Harris, stand up comedian extraordinaire. The funny man who literally made a bet with his 8 year old daughter and ended up standing cross eyed under the lights, behind the mic! He’s a really funny guy folks! Annd, he’s also the fastest performer to date that ever sell out the Underground! Yes, beating both the Tom Pennise Band and all of our Drag Shows!

Well guess what? You know it. He’s back, but this time it’s not all fun and games. It’s in search of talent. We’re having everything in a show you rarely see this side of the Schuylkill! A true variety show hits Lansdale this Wednesday. (Yes, Tomorrow!!). Included are not just the humorous musings of an upstart stand up comedian, but also some phenomenal musical acts, and even a magic show! A magic show! Who has magic shows!?! We do.

So you think you’re down for it? We hope so. Stop by this Wednesday. Doors open at 7. We made the pricing very workable, I mean it’s free, after all. It’s going to be a fantastic night folks! Get Creative. Get Original. Get to the Underground in Lansdale!