Blues Rock Returns.

Blues has a house in Lansdale. On August 26th, we welcome two bands with more than sixty years’ experience between both. Blue Jay Slim and the Tone Blasters features a trio who’ve played in every nook and cranny in the Mid Atlantic, at countless blues festivals, and even, well at least in Blue Jay Slim’s case, performed with the likes of Hall & Oates, and even recorded on the Cheech & Chong ‘Next Movie’ soundtrack! Similarly, Andrew O’Brien and the Montgomery Blues hail from a rock centric side, heavily influenced by the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Last Sunday, I sat down with bassist Rich Herzog, of Andrew O’Brien and the Montgomery Blues, to discuss the finer points of blues. Rhythm sits in a rotational 1-4-5 chord progression, indicative of most blues. Lead guitarist Andrew O’Brien then builds on top of this to extend out the sound, spinning his own creative twist on each sound. The blues can be tricky, Herzog notes, as unlike other types of music, the blues tends to come with specific listener expectations. Only after building your core fans can you begin to really loosen up the formula. We’re glad to have these guys show up on August 26th. It’s going to be a phenomenal show! Interested? Doors open at 7, show starts at 8. Buy tickets here! Take a second and enjoy a listen to No Pleasing Her (live)!