The Cozy are Reawakening the Lost Art of the Album

Jeff Larson of the Cozy believes it’s their job to reawaken the long lost art of the album. The Cozy, a progrock band for the rest of us, come to town on September 29th bringing their unique lyricless, larger than life sound with them.

Don’t be deceived. Even though this is a purely instrumental band, each song carries to tell a detailed story driven by unique time signature shifts and the harmonizing guitar work of Jeff Larson. Katie Fox, drummer of Resilient, a girl-power punk band, joined the Cozy bringing her distinctly unique drumming to the forefront of this three piece. Mike Pidcoe’s bass eases in transitions and softly lulls the listener into unsuspecting trances, while providing the meat of Jeff’s guitar rhythms. 

If it sounds like Larson and Pidcoe fit tightly into one another, it’s because they’ve been at this thing for quite a while. Some of you may have heard of their classic rock cover band, WMGK House Band Work Release. Pounding out classic gems set the stage for building a band dedicated to the revival of the album, or as Jeff likes to say, “progressive chill.”

It’s jammy, and should you be predisposed to concept albums, it’s a long time coming. Each song deliberately placed before the other in their albums builds the long running tale, rounding out the ends. Influenced by the likes of King Crimson, Rush, Pink Floyd, Yes, Jamerson & Babbitt, Tull, and Genesis, the Cozy resonate a familiar but distinctly unique sound. Think Rush’s 2112. Song after song weaving together into a brilliant blend of harmonic ideas melted upon energizing rifts and melodies.

Take the journey through their newest album, Sound Check, and be sure to play sequentially. Tunes like ‘145 East’ preface the action scene to a scored movie through which ‘Cozy 54’ lights up and pumps into full gear. Taken in the context of more modern bands like Caspian, the Cozy offer a more refined and diligent Lights and Motion. Against the modern trend for single player bands, the full dearth of collective skill and experience shines forth in an exquisite, tightly packaged sound. Find more of the album here.