Bad Grandma! Natalie Levant Takes Stage at the Underground!

Natalie Levant seamlessly weaves connections with her crowds. She’s a natural. It’s hard to imagine Levant’s only been doing stand up for five years!

I’m not a good grandma,” Natalie Levant explains. At Levant’s age, one is expected to settle into a comfy chair, watch long hours of the ‘Price is Right’, and doctor yourself up solely for the sake of seeing grandchildren. Her kids wish she’d just stay at home. But if there’s one thing you need to learn about Levant, it’s that she does not just sit around.

Levant, like many stand up comedians, entered the world of comedy on a whim after a being offered to join a comedy series while volunteering one afternoon.  Show-business and volunteerism have always been a part of Levant’s bones. Be it her fondness for Broadway style musicals or her extensive community theater experience, Natalie delivers a unique take on stand up.

Drawing from her inspirations Buddy Hatchet, Richard Pryor, Moms Mabley, and Don Rickles, she strives to push observational comedy that only a lady of her refinement can tell, showcasing a side of life most people don’t care to notice. Her comedy may push the limits at times, but as she recollects Buddy Hatchet saying, “if it’s funny, it’s not dirty. If it’s dirty, it’s not funny.”

Join Natalie Levant, alongside Eric Roth, Buddy Harris and, the musical comedian, Todd Chappelle on Thursday, September 28. Tickets online and at door for $10.  Read the Metro’s article on Natalie Levant’s 9/21 Roast.