Swift River Still’s Catalog of Dreams

Heartfelt and direct, Swift River Still delivers true to form Americana. Performed almost as a lullaby to the trials and tribulations of modern day Appalachia, ‘Drinking from a Razor Cup’ leaves the listener lodged in a synchronous emotional whirlwind strapped to its protagonist female lead, Morgan Floyd. Painted against the backdrop of green, leafy scenery in valleys shadowed by the tall hills of rugged coal country you can taste wavering and nearby sweet forest scents. A contradiction not to be lost, singer and guitarist Scott Shinn, delicately encapsulates contemporary American life with woven stories recited as songs.

Lost opportunities, men masquerading as boys, frivolous and open use of drugs, Shinn subtly illustrates a page befitting of day to day life in Beckley, West Virginia. To be sure, Shinn knows his people. He knows this tale all too well.

Scott Shinn grew up against the juxtaposing backdrop of beauty and struggle along the Eastern edge of Alaska. A land where opportunity demands uncovering and the highschools graduate children with a 2-5 ratio of girls to boys. A true product of his generation, Shinn listened to everything from hiphop and heavy metal as a kid. Overtime, he yearned for a deeper relationship with music and found the intricate stories, such as musical dialog contained in iconic story telling albums like Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska, a treasure trove of curiosity and engagement.

Swift River Still’s songs are detailed and rich. An evening with Swift River Still is deceivingly uplifting. Stories of life offer snapshots in time, emotionally tugging at fans. Even the name Swift River Still takes on multiple connotations, be an Appalachian still, or the temporary mental clarity one experiences alongside the constant rounding of river rocks.

Join Swift River Still on October 27. You can buy tickets at the door, in the Pub at Round Guys Brewing Company, or ahead of time through the website Underground.RoundGuysBrewery.com.