Talent Wanted.

Lansdale should be so lucky to house a talent like Buddy Harris. The man is funny, smart, has brilliant vision (I think it’s 20/20), and can make your grandmother cry just by saying a few poorly chosen words. He’s also the host of something very unique here at the Underground in Lansdale. Harris hosts a rich line up of incredible guests at our biweekly Talent Show.

In its short run the show hosted three bands, numerous solo musical talents, comedians of all shapes and sizes (and sometimes ages) and, of course, fan favorite, Ari the magician comedian – comedian magician.

Do you possess some incredible talent that someone other than your mom would be interested in hearing or watching?  Think so? Great! Join us on October 11th and October 25th to partake in our October slate of Talent shows! Be forewarned, if your mom doesn’t attend and cheer you on, Harris reserves the right to “gong your ass off the stage.” Life is not for the weary my friends, be please give it a shot! Us, and our custom brewed beer, are here to support you! Bring your friends, let’s have some fun at the Underground by Round Guys Brewing Company!

Tickets available through Ticketleap, at the door, or online through our website!