Magnificent Costume Party!!

It’s ok to mistake ‘Current’ for a rip from the B-sides of Alice In Chains’ iconic Jar of Flies album. Echoing with the slick, wiggling wah pedal drawn cries, the astute ear discerns traces of ‘Down on the Upside’ era Soundgarden, and sprinklings of proto-Pearl Jam, Mother Love Bone.

Building on their roots as a ‘90s tribute band, and drawing heavy influence from their appropriately named grunge cover band, ‘Flannel,’ Magnificent Birds of Prey empties out rifts and tempos in tune with Philadelphia’s long since defunct 103.9 WDRE.  It’s a flashback experience made strangely unique again.

A night with Magnificent Birds of Prey rolls the listener into an invigorating journey through splintering ups and soft landings, both vocally, through use of tempo, and even discerning in overall intensity. “We’ve mastered transitions at our shows,” guitarist Carl Kunz Jr. states as a reference to the seamless flow between songs.

Magnificent Birds of Prey first made their debut at the Underground’s biweekly Talent Show with host Buddy Harris. Join Magnificent Birds of Prey on October 28th for a unique blend of grunge jams meets costume party! Come dressed in your best outfit! The band sure will! Expect to see a grunge (flannel) caped batman, a joker, and more! Dress up and win prizes!!