The Parsnip Invasion.

Remember Myspace? Well, Geremiah Giampa does! In July of 2006, Giampa frantically uploaded custom tracks under a now familiar pseudonym. Angling for low budget demos to build a band, and build a fanbase, Giampa leveraged the tools at his disposal to recruit members under the alias of the Parsnip Revolt.

The Parsnip Revolt, longtime regulars haunting the World Café Live, find themselves playing all around the region these days. This growing collection of musicians plays annual shows down in Dewey Beach, all the way up to New York, attaching a familiar sound in their quest to create the perfect song. Reminiscent of a Ryan Adams, Head and the Heart, and Wilco, the Parsnip Revolt come across as a tightly packaged track driven band loaded with catchy lyrics and rifts.

Recently, the boys entered the studio to record new music. Afraid, and ready to chance it all, Lost to the Wind, the Parsnip Revolt’s most recent single, celebrates campfire diatribes of renewed spirit and untimely lovers facing upbeat crescendos and powerful drum licks.  The song, indicative of their high energy, rolls together feelings of hope, optimism, and liveliness.

You can catch the Parsnip Revolt on Friday, November 3rd at the Underground in Lansdale! Tickets are only $5. Shows start at 9, doors open at 8.