A Life’s Journey.

The Rush Barn Band guitarist Jeremy Behe recalls biking across the country. All 5’11” and 285 lbs of him did it! Behe with his buddy captured an opportunity to dip their rear and front tires from shore to shining shore. Much like the tunes of this pieced together collection of friends, Behe relied on the same spiritualism and discipline to sling him along the occasional desert highway while carrying next to no water.

Lost somewhere in the middle of Arkansas, Behe ended up jamming with a bass player who, among other acts, played bass for country singer Randy Travis. This allegory of the continental bike ride fits nicely into the story behind the Rush Barn Band.

At their most basic foundation, the Rush Barn Band presents itself as nothing more than a collection of good friends helping friends. Founded in 2015, each member confers a unique experience and talent. Jeremy brings the rustic vocals and rhythm guitar. Josh Snow plays the steady thump of the drums, Seth Grater unanticipatedly binds band with nuanced keys and harmonica, and get this, Kerry Rush, founder of the band, simply writes compelling stories.

You’ll hear a discernible ‘river sound,’ similar to long since passed regional favorite, the Badlees. Aptly, a tune like ‘Fences’ paints a very compelling soundtrack to Behe’s trip over the mountains, through the canyons, under-the-duress from unexpected bike malfunctions, forging the memories and witnessing those who partook in aiding, befriending, and encouraging them. These memories and friends embedded themselves for eternity.

Join the Rush Barn Band for an evening at the Underground on Saturday, November 18th! Tickets can be purchased for $5 and may be found online or at the door. Doors open at 8, show starts at 9!