Vocal Engagement

The tone of a lead singer can shape the chapel of the band. Consider Caleb Michael and Elaine Rasnake as a perfect expose in the encapsulating entrancement of vocalists.

Caleb Michael knows this too well. After sticking with chorus as a child, he’s developed a unique sound closest akin to Ally Kerr and the Decemberists’ Colin Meloy. With similar haunting notes, his vocals guide a homegrown take on a modern folk sound.  Caleb Michael’s lyrics paint portraits of emotion.

Conversely, Elaine Rasnake brings the upbeat indie sounds. Think Laura Marling with keyboards. She molds crafted indie songs with catchy rhythms. Neither musicians sulk their tunes in traditional tropes of song writing. Take for instance Spacesuit. Rasnake creatively unleashes a world from a child’s eyes.

In Monument, Michael illustrates cold winds of life’s end. Both musicians bring a sound distinctly their own to the Underground on December 16th. Tickets available online and at the door for $8. Doors open at 8:00pm.