Positive Power

Honeychrome fulfills a “higher calling.” Chad Lewine built his ethos two fold. First, Lewine shares a deep love of pop music, especially Michael Jackson. Jackson, who if you recall, never one for the standard, trite tropes of generic pop music, delved deep into the topics of social acceptability and cultural issues late in his career with songs such as “Black and White“ and “Heal the World.” Lewine, takes ques from the King of Pop. Honeychrome litters brilliant pieces of positivity designed to reawaken the individual’s lost sense of enlightened embedded in each of us.

Originally under the name “Chad D,” Lewine started out pop rapping. “Life is a Ride,” off of his album, the Human Link, which among other things, features the guitar work of the Spin Doctor’s Anthony Krizan provides an overtly polished approximation of the artist he’d find himself becoming. Since the Human Link, Lewine found a way to merge an esoteric spiritualism into his sound, seeking foundation in the starburst world of pop EDM.

According to Lewine, “Pop music relates to everybody.” Lewine sees Honeychrome as a way for him to reveal vulnerabilities in an uplifting, open manner.

“Expressions for Humanity,” his mantra reads. Honeychrome, for its part, straddles its persona with one leg deep in the predictable beats of the pop world, with catchy, sing along vocals, while at the same time kneed deep in the effects and the sparkles of basic electronica. For the pop-lover, it’s hard to not find your own sense of inspiration.

Honeychrome truthfully doesn’t hide much. When paired Lewine’s obvious quick lipped exchanges songs such as, “I Work Hard” serve as a reminder of the personal strengths in everyone. Lyrics including “I can do it, you can do it, we can do it better, only if, only if we come together,” and, “I try and feel good every day, making my way, follow my passion” instill lighter colors much needed for an era that seems rife with quick fleeting positivity.

Check out Chad’s homecoming to Lansdale this January! You can find more of his music on bandcamp. $10 gets you in the door. Buy tickets online or the day of. Doors open at 8pm!