Bootstrapping Flows

Humans are an incredible species. Some men are driven by greed, some men are driven by power. Others are driven by creativity. That’s the short of what drives Lil’ Lappy to create his bubblegum hip hop sounds.

He’s never been a good student, never been a favorite son, but music pushes through. Consider him a bit of a rebel artist. Growing up constantly in trouble, expelled from school, constantly fighting just to keep the tools to make music, he found solace, expression, and confidence through music. Literally piecing together tunes by downloading songs at local libraries to his phone’s garage band where he merged his rap skills against custom cut beats.

500K put Lil’ Lappy on the map. Impressively, he rolls through neatly packed, high octane raps off of an A-pentatonic driven track. His inspiration pulls from the flowy hip hop of Lil’ Yatchy, a pioneer in this subgenre of modern classical hip hop.  You’ll recognize an homaged progression in Lappy’s tunes that mimics Yachty.

Lil’ Lappy continues to be a grinder, pushing himself to learn, practice, engage, and restart on his projects. Using only an antiquated ten year old laptop, this artist is one to watch. Welcome Lil’ Lappy to the Underground on Friday, April 13th. Tickets for the $10 show can be purchased online or at the door. Doors open at 8pm.