Karma. Lots of It.

Karmalatta, a Philadelphia area based alternative rock band, pops out catchy, and, sometimes, high octane, ditties that will have you singing along. Songs like “Just My Mind,” traverse a progression rarely heard in modern music, taking a subtle twist in the last in minute and a half of the track. It follows old song swipes more reminiscent of a genre removed, including the turnaround hatchet work more akin to Meatloaf than alternative rockers.

In another song “Wyoming”, Karmalatta showcases surprisingly uplifting rhythms, commiserating missed opportunity and lost what-ifs. Beth Gilbert’s vocal belts imprint themselves on much of Karmalatta’s musical DNA. Under exceptional display in “Leather Seats,” her powerful lungs guide the character and movement of this lively rocking tune.

At the end of the day, Karmalatta is all about fun. It’s a band with hints of cinematic majesty that awakened Gilbert’s inner shell. They enjoy the limelight of the show. They visibly enjoy themselves providing a full throttle energy on stage. Further, this once introverted Gilbert, found her confidence and direction through the band. That imprint is the underlying glue that binds Karmlatta. It’s something she credits for helping her grapple and steer her raw focus into dreams that she might have previously discarded.

This Spring, Karmalatta was up for a number of awards, including “Wyoming” as Best Rock Song, and “If I Only Knew,” as Best Alternative Song, per WSTW’s Hometown Heroes show. Catch this lively band perform at the Underground on Saturday, April 21st. Doors open at 8pm. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.