Salt Meets Sweet.

Vanessa Borg nicknamed Annie Stokes the “Dark Songstress” due to the direct emotion pulled from her music. Her music pulls at the heart, strummed from one guitar and one voice evoke yearning, sadness, and empathy. Though for her music’s heavy overtones, at a personal level, Stokes is anything but dark. She’s a dedicated mentor and environmental activist.

As a singer activist, she dedicates a portion of album sales to two groups: Conservation Music and Trees, Water, and People. Stokes, well aware of the give and take nature of environmental responsibility, quickly points out the challenging realities of life for those on the ground. Being a native Virginian, Stokes recognizes the importance of environmental preservation alongside the need for sustainable economic livelihoods.

While apparent in discussion, Stokes’s philanthropic side isn’t as apparent in her day to day songwriting. She sings about life in a deeply emotional manner. If it doesn’t evoke reaction, Stokes wants no part of it. On May 23rd, the Underground at Round Guys Brewing Company welcomes Stokes, the consummate singer-songwriter, with Portland, Maine resident Lucas Roy, to blend the “Dark Songstress” against Roy’s fun upbeat sounds. Together melancholy meets celebratory in a dynamic blend. Show starts at 8pm. Find tickets online or at the door.