Honkytonk Hoedown.

Fresh off their release of ‘Cry About It Later,’ Katie and Brendan Curley discuss working with talented producer Eric “Roscoe” Ambel. According to Brendan, Roscoe’s approach lends well to Bourbon Express’s direct and unassuming sound. Roscoe, known for producing acts such as the Bottle Rockets and performing guitar work on albums including the legendary Run DMC, took the time to assess the band on his own merit, attending shows and studying their music. The two parties bonded, producing a crisp, succinct sound, such as heard in “Devil’s Angel.”

Devil’s Angel” also carries another notable mark for Bourbon Express, it’s their first fully produced music video. With scenes harking back in time to the retro country videos of Randy Travis, Vince Gill, and Rosie Flores, the video jovially pokes fun at itself, reinforcing the light-hearted nature of Bourbon Express’s honkytonk sound.

Hear more about Bourbon Express through our Original Slacker Podcast episodes. Also, be sure to check them out at the Underground on May 27th with special co-headliner, Ryan Zimmerman. Tickets online or at the door.