Putting the Gods on Notice.

Comic book rockers, Stereotytans, part cos-play, part hard rockers, arrive to conquer and subject Lansdale to their rule at the Underground on June 22ndStereotytans tell the unscripted story of the actual Titans, no not the loser football team.  A true to life full media experience, the band performs its story set to song in appropriate attire and roles. They even drew up a hard copy, comic book story that complements the live performance! You can’t get much more artistic than that!

We took a couple of moments to chat with band leaders Mark Brasof (Okeanus), Chris Jones (Kronos), and Damon Small (Prometheus) on the Original Slacker podcast (Part I, Part II). At their barest of bones, this band, that seemingly continues to grow, draws inspiration from every angle of the musical spectrum. They’re geeks, the kind of guys you’d find at Comic-Con hanging out, frothing over some interview with individuals three persons removed from the true actors or artists. And that simply means, they get it.

Stereotytans isn’t a gimmick, it’s an experience. Adding to that experience, Stereotytans is partnering with Round Guys Brewing Company to do a canned release of Bumblebee Wheat Ale in time for the show! So come on out and catch not only a show, but grab a tasty beer inspired by Stereotytans! Doors open at 8pm. You can buy tickets online or at the door.