Ain No Cussin’ My Game.

Heartless represents a different breed of street rap. Instead of layering his tunes with profanity ridden lyrics, he firmly places himself in the profane free world of hip-hop (a small but growing subsection). The reasoning set itself clear as day for him. His father implanted him with the ideas of acceptability. How precisely do you allow your music to reach more ears? Simply make it more palatable for all ears!

Heartless recounts moments rolling up to cars in his hometown of Pittsburgh only to have them quickly roll up the window to not be offended by the edginess of the succeeding f’bombs filtering through his subs. Make no mistake, profanity free isn’t weak. It isn’t watered down street music. Heartless still performs with the same angst and lyrical jigsawing that makes rap the favorite it remains.

Rather, to rap without cussing presents serious impediments to developing true story and flow. Lyrical cursing is a crutch, a filler. Similar to exercising his ‘ums,’ Heartless fights hard to memorize and develop art the hard way. Check out this great three bill show with Picasso and Next Level. Tickets run $5 can be purchased online or at the door.

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