You Never Know Who You’ll Steal From Next

No, they’re definitely not copy cats. Instead, the Raquels, a unique indie-pop band based out of Columbus, OH, showcase a diversity in influences. Ranging from everything from Brian Eno, to Leadbelly, to the Pixies, to Bob Dylan, they found commonality based on their curiosity, often sifting through their parents albums to gain ideas for new tunes.

The Raquels sometimes sound like a throwback. Take for instance, the song 1982 which fuses classical ‘80s tropes including a cheesy rock blasting television and shiny glamrock outfits, to a poppy synthesizer driver sound. Then look at Just a txt, which spins more akin to an emo song, than anything from the distant past.

In short, the Raquels are a very real work in progress. These boys didn’t come together based on common sounds or a desire for a predetermined genre. Instead, they continually affect each other by bringing in new aspirations and ideas to each song.

In our recent Original Slacker podcast with the Raquels drummer, Tyler Birch, summed it up best. “[For lack of a better phrase,] you never know who you’re going to steal from next. I mean…that’s really it. So we have eclictic tastes and take pieces of Leadbelly, Bob Dylan, or folk and put it into pop music and put it into pop music because there’s still something timeless in those songs and those feelings.”

Be sure to catch the Raquels on Wednesday, August 1st at the Underground. Doors open at 8pm. Ticket prices are $5. This is a show you don’t want to miss!