The Exclusivity of Hope.

Anyone remember the concept album? One idea, one album? Labella & Poole, two musicians who joined teams after numerous stints late in college, just built the ultimate rainy day, cooking album.

Skippack, the duo’s first album, sets to be released at the Underground by Round Guys Brewing Company located in Lansdale, PA on November 17th. Skippack, named partly for Mike LaBella’s hometown, conveys hope. Driven by the brilliant, Andrew Bird styled guitar work of Tim Poole, the album avoids many pitfalls of contemporary introspective ballads. Each song, flows gracefully in a progressive manner to build up hope.

It’s only fitting that the twosome, Poole a trained theologian and Labella, a self described everyman with deep inclinations to philosophy, layered an album so masterfully from a single concept. From basic yearning of lost love in Softly, to the themes of forgiving and accepting in Love My Enemy and Evansburg. Hear more by listening to our Original Slacker Music Mashtun podcast with Labella & Poole! Their album release takes place starting at 8pm on November 17th. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door. The duo will be offering up hand packaged and stamped albums for fans.