Stella Ruze Performs New Song on Original Slacker Podcast!

It all started when Brendan Johnson turned his back on corporate America to pursue his true dream of music. A Manayunk fixture, Johnson found himself playing open mics and house performances before he bumped into Katie O’Donnell, his future musical partner who’d help him forge the sound that he be described as a folk jam band.

Stella Ruze returns to the Underground on November 30th prior to going back into the studio for their third album release. This time, a full twelve track album is on the slate. The Original Slacker podcast sat down to discuss the musical evolution of the band from just two individuals to, now, seven. They’re a big band, with a full body sound, and a light-weight spirit.

Stella Ruze in many ways presents itself as a jack of all sounds, but in truth, the possess a modern folk backbone complete with complementary male/female harmonization. In this interview, Brendan Johnson and Katie O’Donnell joined host Bill McGeeney to perform upcoming album song “the Greater Dog.” The Original Slacker podcast Music Mashtun is presented by Round Guys Brewing Company and recorded on location at the Underground venue in Lansdale, PA.