Putting the Gods on Notice.

Comic book rockers, Stereotytans, part cos-play, part hard rockers, arrive to conquer and subject Lansdale to their rule at the Underground on June 22nd.  Stereotytans tell the unscripted story of the actual Titans, no not [...]

Moving on Up

What’s the state of live music? Brendan Johnson, front man and cofounder of the band Stella Ruze, believes it’s due for a revival. The brilliance of a live show persists through its vibrant unpredictability. At [...]

Honkytonk Hoedown.

https://www.buzzsprout.com/157236/697152-katie-and-brendan-curly-of-bourbon-express-talk-shop-on-album-making.mp3 Fresh off their release of ‘Cry About It Later,’ Katie and Brendan Curley discuss working with talented producer Eric “Roscoe” Ambel. According to Brendan, Roscoe’s approach lends well to Bourbon Express’s direct and [...]

ReMake America Great.

https://www.buzzsprout.com/157236/679594-bill-gottshall-and-the-stories-behind-the-songs.mp3 Every musician casts their gaze through the lenses of their inherent space. The Underground’s thus showcased a variety of “grinders,” some established high flyers, and of course, your singer-song writers. However, we’ve never [...]

Karma. Lots of It.

Karmalatta, a Philadelphia area based alternative rock band, pops out catchy, and, sometimes, high octane, ditties that will have you singing along. Songs like “Just My Mind,” traverse a progression rarely heard in modern music, [...]

Demons and Angels

https://www.buzzsprout.com/157236/670578-carolyn-hilliard-and-donny-donovan-of-dinosoul-discuss-relationships-and-music.mp3 Donny Donovan learned her music the old fashion way, by picking up a guitar and grinding it out. Carolyn Hilliard gained her expertise growing up as a trained musician and vocalist across various [...]


Monica Rizzio didn’t pick up a guitar until her early 20s. Her family relocated to Cape Cod, Massachusetts from Texas when she was young. Always fond of Country – Americana and Bluegrass sounds, Rizzio found [...]

Bootstrapping Flows

Humans are an incredible species. Some men are driven by greed, some men are driven by power. Others are driven by creativity. That’s the short of what drives Lil’ Lappy to create his bubblegum hip [...]

Rock Returns.

Glam-noir returns to the Underground. Serving a second stint, sexy Simone Strange harks back tributes to Siouxie & the Banshees. One part visual, one part audio, Voltheque leads the way in a three act night. [...]