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Buddy Harris is a stand up comedian. He’s Funny. Really Funny. And he somehow thinks you have talent.

“We’ll gong their ass off if we need to!” Buddy Harris informed me. You remember Buddy Harris? You don’t? Well, let me refresh your memory. Buddy Harris, stand up comedian extraordinaire. The funny man who literally made a bet with his 8 year old daughter and ended up standing cross eyed under the lights, behind the mic! He’s a really funny guy folks! Annd, he’s also the fastest performer to date that ever sell out the Underground! Yes, beating both the Tom Pennise Band and all of our Drag Shows! Well guess what? You know it. He’s back, but this [...]

Glue Factory Makes Their Underground Debut

The dream of the 90s is alive and well in Lansdale this weekend. Alternative rockers Audio Kings of the Third World followed by the Glue Factory are cranking out a mesh of original tunes derived from such influences as the Foo Fighters and REM! The Glue Factory definitely wears the 90s with pride, with members hailing back as far as the glory days of grunge. You may even find yourself lost in a bit of Jar of Flies era Alice in Chains sounds, as in such tunes as Born Without You. Similarly, In Plain Sight features a mellow grunge vibe [...]

What is it Like to be in a Family Band?

The Pennise Family Band sits as a musical anomaly in a sea of traditional bands. To be certain, if you don’t think it’s rare to have a true family band – we’re talking about husband, wife, son, and daughter, do the quick math on your hand to add up those acts. That’s right, you probably can’t count more than three!!! Well, let’s see what it’s truly like to be in a family band. And I’m sorry in advance that I don’t have the transcript correspondence of this conversation, as I wasn’t able to record it. So, we’ll do some paraphrasing based on [...]

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