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The Original Slacker

Behind every great beer, every great band, and every great show is a story. The Original Slacker Podcast, Presented by Round Guys Brewing Company, provides you the inside, behind the scenes scoop you’ve always wanted to know about.

The Exclusivity of Hope.

Anyone remember the concept album? One idea, one album? Labella & Poole, two musicians who joined teams after numerous stints late in college, just built the ultimate rainy day, cooking album. Skippack, the duo’s first [...]

“Absolutely amazing! The drag show was on point! The venue was nice, the staff was nice, and the whole night was amazing.”

“You have a GREAT spot here for live music! I made the trip up from Lower Bucks to see INEVITUS. It was worth the trip! Awesome atmosphere, great beers on tap, fantastic sound & that barrel wall is AMAZING! I will definitely be back!”
“Went to the first drag show hosted there. The space is perfect for such shows. Though I won’t make the mistake of sitting in the corner again. Loved the venue and staff! Now to get a job there during shows.”